Real estate APIs for dynamic pricing and powerful rental insights.

Integrate our APIs into your property management platform to dynamically price rental properties and access powerful market data.

Innovative, Powerful APIs

Facilitate competitive offers on the monthly rent, send notifications, and add demand tracking and pricing tools to your existing platform.

Dynamic Pricing

Empower renters to make demand-based offers on a property’s rent amount.

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Demand Analytics

Back-end solutions for property demand tracking & market intelligence.

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Notifications & Insights

Receive & send accurate data on a property or market.

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Genba’s APIs work together to deliver dynamic pricing and powerful insights.

Offer API

The Offer API enables landlords to receive competitive offers on their property’s monthly rent. It’s an effective pricing tool that’s easy to understand.

Demand API

The Demand API tracks demand for a given property and market. Keep users informed by displaying demand and providing market analytics and intelligence.

Notification API

The Notification API provides property demand alerts and powerful market analytics. Notification works with the Offer and Demand APIs so you can easily inform users.

Genba’s products are designed to work with your current app or website.