The Strategic Importance of APIs

The use of APIs (application programming interfaces) is essential for improving a company’s processes, organization, and growth. There are countless advantages to integrating APIs, as their implementation brings new features and benefits to an existing company or application. Companies that use APIs can accelerate their growth exponentially while avoiding stifling development costs. They are able to offer more accessible and useful solutions to their customers in less time and at a lower cost. Further, APIs allow companies to access markets that they’ve never targeted before.

There are over 12,000 APIs offered by firms today. Major companies use APIs to generate significant revenue and reach a massive audience. For example, generates 50% of its revenue through APIs and Expedia 90%. Salesforce operates a marketplace called AppExchange that features over 300 APIs created by partners, built specifically for their platform. Twitter is a perfect example of a company that used an outside API to expand their product and audience. Twitter’s original interface wasn’t widely adopted by average users. TweetDeck, a third-party developer, built a superior UI on top of the Twitter engine. Eventually TweetDeck helped twitter experience massive growth, and they acquired the company in 2011.

Major Advantages:

  1. More Efficient and Less Restrictive
  2. Reduced maintenance costs
  3. Streamlined transformation process
  4. Can Fill Resource or Skill Void
  5. The restructure and organization of internal systems in order to uniformly support innovation and new products
  6. New opportunities for reaching customers, accessing data, generating revenue, and partnering with other companies
  7. Improved user experience

Perhaps the single greatest advantage of APIs is that they streamline costs. For Example, Sawhorse Media spends approximately $55K annually on SAAS services. That’s the average cost of a single engineer!

Genba’s REST APIs bring bleeding-edge features like Dynamic Pricing and powerful insights to the Real Estate Technology industry. They allow businesses to be more innovative, flexible, and scalable. They help provide new revenue streams and turn massive amounts of data into intelligent insights.

They are designed to work with the website, apps, and embedded systems that landlords and property managers use today. Companies can easily integrate Genba’s APIs in order to add the following products to their platform:

  1. Offer API- The Offer API enables landlords to receive competitive offers on their property’s monthly rent. Renters are able to compete transparently by submitting offers. It’s an effective pricing tool that’s easy to understand.
    • Accurately Price Rentals
    • Increase Revenue
    • Grow Your Business
  2. Demand API- The Demand API tracks demand for a given property and market. Keep users informed by displaying demand and providing market analytics and intelligence.
    • Drives Competition
    • Creates Urgency
    • Provides Transparency
  3. Notification API- The Notification API provides property demand alerts and powerful market analytics. Notification works with the Offer and Demand APIs so you can easily inform users.
    • Property Demand Updates
    • Market Data and Insights
    • Informed decision-making

If you’re interested in integrating or partnering with Genba, please contact us today!