The Top 5 Real Estate APIs

There are many APIs to consider when building a real estate application or solution. Integrating APIs helps developers add industry-leading features and products to existing applications without expending valuable time and resources. Here are some of the best available today.


The Zillow API Network allows member sites to access vast amounts of real estate data and content. Their APIs are tailored to meet several needs and provide incredible value.
Property Details API: Property-level data, ie. historical sale price and year, beds/baths, amenities etc.
City and property neighborhood statistics and demographic information API.
Monthly payment estimates and mortgage rates API.
Home Valuation API: search results list, “Zestimate” home valuations, comparable houses, and market trend charts.

Architectural Style: REST
API Categories: Home Valuation, Property, Demographics, Mortgage Rates & Payment Estimates
Supported Request Formats: Unknown
Supported Response Formats: XML

Walk Score

Walk Score aggregates neighborhood data like nearby restaurants, shopping, schools, and other amenities. The Walk Score API takes that data and calculates a “walkability” score based on the distance from a property to nearby amenities. This provides an excellent indicator for renters or homeowners unfamiliar with a neighborhood they are considering moving to.

Architectural Style: REST
API Categories: Walkability for neighborhoods and cities in the US, including public transit and travel time
Supported Request Formats: URI Query String/CRUD
Supported Response Formats: JSON, XML

Google Maps API

Google Maps API is an absolute necessity for the real estate industry as its unbeatable API allows for the easy embedding of Google Maps onto web pages. The API features over 50 different languages, regional localization and geocoding. It is designed to be accessible to developers, both novice and veteran. Further, it works well on both mobile devices and standard browsers.

Architectural Style: REST
API Categories: Geocoding, Maps,
Supported Request Formats: KML, URI Query String/CRUD, XML, VML, JavaScript\
Supported Response Formats: XML, JSON, KML


DataNerds offers another great API to help build out your application, website, or service. The DataNerds Property Data API provides integrated real estate data regarding mortgages, market status, market value, permit and tax history, and ownership. Their information is drawn from over 130 million domestic properties.

API Categories: Property Data includes estimated marketing value, comps, site and structure information
Architectural Style: REST
Supported Request Formats: HTTP
Supported Response Formats: GeoJSON, JSON, XML


Genba provides 3 APIs to real estate applications and services. The trio of APIs are the Offer API, Demand API, and Notification API. Genba’s APIs deliver dynamic pricing and unique insights to the property management industry. Would-be renters can view demand for properties in real time, and respond accordingly by matching and increasing offers on the monthly rent. Property managers and landlords use Genba’s pricing tool to price properties with confidence. Further, they can ensure that they maximize the return on their investment by letting renters set the market value of their units.

API Categories: Dynamic pricing, Renter engagement, pricing tool, rental analytics
Architectural Style: REST
Supported Request Formats: JSON
Supported Response Formats: JSON