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Build custom integrations using our REST APIs to innovate your app or service and enjoy new revenue streams.


Welcome to Genba! Here you will find comprehensive information about our products and how you can easily integrate them into your app or service. Genba’s APIs allow you to offer innovative products that grow revenues for you and your customers.


We provide powerful APIs for accepting offers on a property’s monthly rent, tracking demand, and notifying users. Our APIs are flexible and will easily integrate into your app or service.

Getting Started

Getting Started in Sandbox

Applications should be built and tested against the Sandbox environment before being used in production.

The Sandbox environment is a complete replica of the Genba production environment, supporting all of the same API endpoints. Applications should be tested against the Sandbox environment before being used in production.  

Differences from production environment:

  • The Sandbox contains only test data and is completely separate from your production account
  • Real data should never be used in the Sandbox

Accessing Sandbox:

The Sandbox environment can be accessed with the Sandbox URL and your unique Sandbox key:

Sandbox URL

Unique Sandbox Key



If you have questions or would like to request access to Sandbox please contact us.

Offer API


Enable a property listing to accept offers on the monthly rent amount. In this guide we’ll explain the auction and how it’s created.

What’s an Auction?

Auctions enable vacant property listings to receive multiple offers from multiple renters. A property listing that is accepting applications can also accept offers. A minimum offer amount is established when an auction is created. Auctions end when the landlord or owner of the auction selects a renter to fill the vacant property listing.

Create an Auction:

Before an auction can be created the following steps must take place:

    1. Client Authentication
    2. Creation of a Property
    3. Creation of a Property Listing
    4. Creation of an Auction

Submit Offers

Send offers to property listings that have auctions enabled. In this guide we will review basic elements of the offer.

What’s an Offer?

An offer is a bid that is made on a property listing’s monthly rent amount. The amount offered must be at or above the auctions minimum amount. Auctions will accept offers which are below other offer amounts. An individual can submit multiple offers at varying amounts.

Accepting Offers

Accept offers on property listings that have auctions enabled. In this guide we will review the basics of receiving offers through an auction.

Receive Offers

Users that have enabled an auction on their property listing can accept offers. There is no limit to the number of offers an auction can receive. Multiple offers can be received from one individual over the course of an auction but only their most recent offer will stand as their current offer.

Notification API


Get notifications when certain events occur in the system and notify users. In this guide we will review the basics for getting notifications.


Notifications can be setup by registering a URL with us. Once registered you will receive notifications (push) when certain events occur in the other Genba APIs and processes.


Registration only needs to be done once. Once registered the Notifications API will send notifications to the appropriate endpoints so they can be processed appropriately on the client side.

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